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Sep 29, 2012 5:15pm EDT
it was an apt quote. >> host: how many women served in the iraq war? >> guest: over 200,000 served in iraq and afghanistan. >> host: americans? >> guest: yeah. >> host: is that unusual? >> guest: yes. the iraq war in particular set a precedent historically. more women served, were wounded, and killed in the iraq war by around 2005 into the war already than all the wars all poult to the. one in ten troops was a woman. >> host: because of the nature of the war -- >> guest: basically a guerrilla war, there's not any front line. drawing a line in the sand, and the enemy side should meet up and fight. that doesn't happen anymore. battles take place, end roads, hospitals, and even if you drive a truck full of toilet paper you can be attacked. because there's no front line, even if you're combat support or you're an engineer or a cook, you can get drawn into battle, and many, many women also were used as gunners working alongside with the infantry doing the same jobs as the infantry because of the shortage of troops. >> host: women are not supposed to serve in combat, are they? >> guest: right. o
Sep 29, 2012 3:00pm PDT
traveled to iraq to become suicide bombers. the highest number from any town outside of iraq. >> the city and its surroundings were sympathetic to these groups because they had a common enemy which was kadafi. >> from the onset of the revolution, it was the extremists that provided security. after liberation was announced, there was increasing pressure on kald in yemen and other places. alleged to have been sent here by al qaeda's leader. according to security sources, these militia have a common goal weakening and infiltrating libya's security apparatus. in benghazi there have been more than a dozen assassinations of former military officers. sources tell cnn that many of them were reportedly on a islamist hit list to eliminate qualified individuals that could pose a threat. kernel from the lyan army was recently kidnapped. he doesn't know by whom or exactly why. he got a call from a man who spoke as if he knew him and said he had urgent information to pass on. outside his home, in broad daylight, two masked man forced him into their car. when i got into the car, they put a black hood on
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Sep 29, 2012 11:30am PDT
with boost. >>. >>> he said it was a mistake to end the war in iraq and bring all of our warriors home. he said it was a mistake that set a mandate for our warriors in afghanistan and bring them home. he i will plied by his speech he is ready to go to war in syria and iran. >> paul: that was vice president joe biden at a campaign stop in pennsylvania suggesting that mitt romney is ready to go to war in iran and syria. it's the theme they are pushing with the president himself getting in on the act. in an interview on 60 minutes. mr. robe responding to criticism said, quote, if governor romney is suggesting we should start another war, he should say so. so rumors of war, dan. what the political strategy here or do you think there is one? >> obviously we are in a moment when everything barack obama says is related to his reelection. so it is with this. a key element of the obama reelection strategy has to do with perceived voter fatigue over wars, iraq and afghanistan. >> paul: tide of war are receding? >> exactly. first thing he said i ended the war in iraq. how he is binding down afghanist
Sep 28, 2012 8:30pm EDT
and technology to stop iraq from getting a bomb. iran from getting a bomb. he was an all-or-nothing guy. if you are going to fight a war, all the way. >> which, ironically, is what the israelis are asking of obama. draw the line, you are the biggest power in the world. the only thing netanyahu said at the u.n. this week -- the only thing that could change course. i want to respond to my liberal pals. i cannot respond to -- i cannot believe you are covering for the administration when they said five days later that was obviously a terror attack. why pretend that it was a demonstration? >> it would not be a good plan if there were pretended to say something different -- >> it is a good plan because the blogger you draw it out, the less the public cares about it. it works. who talks about it? >> we are talking about it. >> pbs section of the show -- give me a break. >> now you are insulting the audience. >> the 9 people in america who care about this stuff. what about the others? >> i bet they want to kill the people who did this. >> it took us quite a while to figure out exactly what happened, an
Sep 29, 2012 2:00pm EDT
was elected, among other movements, by the anti-war movement, because he was opposed to the war in iraq. hillary was for it. i think that is the reason he is president. that was their main difference. hillary clinton was not able to let go of the war in iraq, was not willing to say that perhaps she was wrong in voting for it until the very end when she saw she is going down. but here now, president obama has inherited the war in afghanistan and continued it, and the strong wars are terrorizing populations. i encourage everyone to look at the report. in pakistan, the people are terrorized. i'm talking about the civilian populations. they are afraid to go out, to send their kids to school. who knows who will be hit next? >> let's take another call. this one comes from brian on the line for republicans. critics like question is about -- caller: my question is about jeffrey in malta and the jobs going overseas. i would like your opinion on that. guest: when u.s. jobs are -- caller: my question is about jeffrey imelt and the jobs going overseas. guest: by a bank that is a very big problem wh
Sep 29, 2012 7:00am EDT
. but president obama, who was elected by the anti-war movement, because he was opposed to the war in iraq, hillary clinton, his democratic opponent in the primaries was for the war. i actually think that's the reason president obama is president today. that was the main difference. hillary clinton was not able to let go of the war in iraq, was not willing to say that perhaps she was wrong in voting for it till the very end when she saw she was going down. but here now president bush has inherited the war in afghanistan and continued it, and these drone wars are terrorizing populations. i encourage everyone to look at this report, "living under drones," or go to and see our interview. in pakistan, the people are terrorized. i'm talking about the civilian populations. they're afraid to go out to their meetings, to send their kids to school. who knows who will be hit next? host: this is from our allies for republicans. caller: my question is about jeffrey imelt and the jobs going overseas. guest: by a bank that is a very big problem when u.s. jobs are exported overseas. ther
Sep 29, 2012 12:45pm EDT
iraq but he meant it and we didn't really listen to. reducing his statements or the perception we have of him, for getting he is representing a system. he is representing an administration. this administration pushing for many reasons and not only political reasons anything which has to do today with the democratization in the region. the bloggers and cyberdissidents who were pushing and spreading around of feeling that something should change in egypt and tunisia and even syria or yemen many of these blockers -- this was known. google, freedom house, they were training people and financing the training of people who were advocating democracy and liberating the countries and they were trained by american organizations and european organizations and if we study what happened in eastern europe with the whole process of the european spring, eastern european spring because behind it was a philosophy no one had heard and not enough people heard about sasha pop povich who was getting a sense of how we mobilize the people in order to push for a massive demonstrations in the country. the fact
Sep 28, 2012 5:00pm PDT
's a war zone like iraq and afghanistan, had it been in the early 2000s, then you send in the military, send in as many troops as you need. you just take over. but when you're trying to do that in a sovereign country or a country trying to gain its independence and stand up for itself, that's an extremely difficult situation to do that in. >> tom, from your experience, is it possible to have a thorough investigation without setting foot at a crime scene like this? >> it's still impossible to have a very good investigation and bob is correct, it would be nice to go in there and see what kind of armament was used and where, you know, how they actually took down those buildings. but on the other hand, if they go in there and they find and they do the explosive residue and send everything back to the lab to be examined and they find they've got munitions from the united states, from nato countries, from other countries, that's going to basically tell them nothing, because, because of the insurrection that led up to the overthrow of gadhafi. you have countries from all over the world, inclu
Sep 28, 2012 10:00pm PDT
't show the coffins after the iraq war, that's just propaganda. you have to know the cost of war. and then our second topic, todd akin. he is doing it again. he made the famous comments about if it's legitimate rape a women's body has a way of shutting down so it doesn't get pregnant. and he has a debate with senator mccaskill. he said this . . . now senator mccaskill had a chance to respond. she said this. >> i don't know exactly what his accusation that i'm not lady like means. i'm a former courtroom prosecutor and i try to be strong and informed and i think the debate was tough for todd because i went through the list of his very very extreme positions, and i think that maybe he wasn't prepared to answer to some of that. >> cenk: ana how would you feel if a guy said you shouldn't be as aggressive as you were because that's not lady like. >> i would be livid and that would lead me to be even more unlady like. [ laughter ] >> cenk: michael? >> it is amazing. every kay there is something new. mitt romney must be so happy that todd akin is out there. it's a g
Sep 28, 2012 11:00pm EDT
. if you look at the troops in iraq, somebody else's problem. there is a danger that could happen and afghanistan. and it's understandable. he got 10,000 troops on the ground and the men and women are dying, that has a degree of focus and interest that is impossible to sustain. we should recognize it as a danger point and we will be there. that'll be something else in the world that takes our attention and our energies. but we ought to remember that we should continue to invest in afghanistan. i mean, we in the british foreign office in the united states should have the capacity to keep our eye on more than one war upon. >> i suppose the key was to negotiate. it didn't work that way. if it didn't work that way in a western democracy, the do very little chance of the work in that way in afghanistan, therefore the extent to which there is an engagement, whether it's track to her otherwise with the taliban if they think they're important because you can wait a long, long time for the kind of progress in security level, which may never happen. >> you're absolutely right. i keep using
Sep 29, 2012 10:00am EDT
are going to end the war in afghanistan as we did in iraq. [cheers and applause] in the process, over the next decade, save over $800 million fifth we are going to come home with that money and bring taxes down to reduce the debt and rebuild america. [cheers and applause] roads, bridges, schools. that will support millions over time. initially, tens of thousands of new, good paying, decent jobs that you can raise a family on. folks, one more thing. in this country, we only have one truly sacred obligation. we have a lot of obligations to the elderly, to the young. we only have one truly sacred obligation. that is to equip and support those whom we sent to war and care for them when they come home from war. [cheers and applause] how many of you either have personally served, have a family member serve, or a good friend who served in either iraq or afghanistan? [cheers and applause] ladies and gentlemen, we owe you a that -- a debt that i do not think we can ever fully repaid. we know an incredible debt to those goldstar families. every single day, i have my staff check and i put in my
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Sep 29, 2012 10:00am PDT
.s. diplomates hostage. they've made war on us through proxies in iraq. kidnapped hostages through proxies like hezbollah in lebanon. really, a dangerous regime. so, the benefit, the onu is on them and not doing a lot to asuede israel and the united nations. >> jamie: great point. i guess on a week where we're talking about transparency and getting information right and telling the american people the truth, i just was curious if our folks in charge of overseeing this concern are asking the right questions. let me ask you about the prime minister and his discussion and in fact, his board and diagram and red line, effective? >> yeah, i don't think so. you know, the problem israel has, i think it's completely understandable from their point of view, but a lot of their messaging sounds very similar to what we heard in the bush administration in 2007, 2008, warnings that iran was about to be at a critical stage of the nuclear program above the '08 election and now before the 12 election. the big news, the take away from prime minister netanyahu's speech, it moves the critical deadline to spring or
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Sep 29, 2012 12:00pm PDT
as colin powell demonstration at the u.n. supposedly in iraq and went on the sunday talk showing. he was talking about what he thought at the time was true. it may or may have been true and stuff may have gone to syria, but this is function of news cycle. >> the statement months in preparation, colin powell. this was the opposite. this was kind of playing rope-a-dope with the media. it's 17 days after the attack on u.s. consulate to be determined al-qaeda related. that is triumph for them in terms of fogging up the issue for two and a half weeks. >> there is a political motivation. this is white house administration that doesn't like to talk about a war on terror. that wants to create the impression and narrative that al-qaeda is weak to the point of being nearly ineffective and terror attack by an al-qaeda backed group on our consulate in benghazi smacked in the face of that? >> precisely. that is why you had the unwillingness to back off until the facts won't say anything about else about ridiculous notion that was brought about a movie. there were two attacks, people must separate
Sep 29, 2012 7:00am PDT
. >>> a memorial for six napa county service members who died in iraq and afghanistan will be dedicated today. the memorial sculpture of a battle cross will be formally dedicated at veteran's memorial park in downtown napa. a high school senior helped develop the memorial for her senior project >>> 19 female veterans have sued the u.s. government over the military's treatment of rape victims. the federal lawsuit filed in san francisco alleges the military doesn't do enough to prosecute service members w40 commit rape. victims also say they experienced retaliation and harassment for reporting assaults. >> i know it's really hard to speak up, especially if you're still in the military. but you aren't alone. and we're fighting for you. >> the defense department estimates 19,000 sexual assaults occurred in the armed forces last year. about 240 cases were prosecuted. >>> governor jerry brown says he is making sure there is moreover sight of the calf national guard. he sign -- california national guard. he signed a bill cracking down on misconduct. he will appoint an inspector general with far grea
Sep 28, 2012 6:00pm PDT
military surgical attacks which worked in syria, it worked in iraq and hopefully it won't have to work in iran, because the iranians will have the good sense to realize that when president obama looked me in the eye and said alan, i don't bluff, and i'm telling you that iran will not be able to develop nuclear weapons. the iranians better believe that. if they don't, they're acting at their risk because i do believe that the united states will prevent iran from developing nuclear weapons. that's a promise that has been made by president obama to the american people and to the world. >> dan senor, mitt romney along with barack obama spoke to benjamin netanyahu today. do you know how the conversation went with mitt romney? >> well, it was -- obviously it was a one-on-one conversation. i know a little about it. they talked about what prime minister netanyahu meant about red lines, what his views were on the current state of play with iran. governor romney also sought out the prime minister's views on developments in the arab world. there is this sense of an unraveling going on right now t
Sep 28, 2012 8:00pm PDT
experience. whether we're talking about iraq in which libyans represented a very sizable contention of foreign fighters there, or even in the afghan pakistan war zone. you have a lot of folks with a great deal of experience and that also plays into the reason of why we didn't know about this and its entirety before it happened. a lot of these guys are very sophisticated in their secrecy and trade craft. you're talking about the word of mouth, et cetera. >> let me ask you about this crucial question we've been reporting on, which is what appears to be, i mean it is at least from the way it's come out, a real disconnect from what the u.s. intelligence committee is saying they knew and when and what the white house and state department have said. their hesitance from the white house and state department to use the word terrorism and to talk about al-qaeda or al-qaeda linked groups. >> well, i think there's a difference here between raw intelligence that's coming in in the context of an investigation and journalists on the ground as well as intelligence officers staged throughout the in
Sep 29, 2012 9:00am EDT
with rights of difficulties posed by their respective constitutions in such countries as egypt, lebanon, iraq, afghanistan or turkey. only when he turns to his own country does his acuity disappear in favor of general denunciations of our political system as if our political system has nothing to do with the constitution that gave it life and preserves its fundamental forms. he concludes with acknowledgements. after mentioning many people, some of them in this room who directly contribute to the ideas and writing of a book i mention my three grandchildren. rebecca and 1-year-old sarah. none made a direct contribution to the book but all deserve recognition as a splendid people. moreover they are truly the source of my passion concerning what i call in the title the crisis of governance in contemporary america and the role played if only marginally by the 51 constitutions within the united states in making it more difficult to resolve the problems that will dominate their futures. they deserve better. all of our families and strangers with whom we are connected as fellow citizens and happens i
Sep 29, 2012 12:00am PDT
fighting the city has seen in two months. in iraq, some 80 inmates, including al qaeda militants, escaped from a prison. the jailbreak happened overnight in tikrit after several convicts seized weapons from a prison storeroom. they clashed with security guards for hours before overpowering them and breaking free. a dozen people were killed, including ten guards. iraqi officials said 36 of the inmates were later recaptured. police in minneapolis said the gunman in an office shooting yesterday had been fired hours before he killed four people and then himself. another of the shooting victims died in the hospital today. last evening, dozens of police and swat team officials swarmed a minneapolis neighborhood after a man opened fire at a sign- making business. the company's owner and a ups driver were among those killed. three other people were injured in the shootings. the u.s. postal service will miss its next payment to the treasury, due on sunday. the $5.6 billion will be its second default in as many months. postmaster general patrick donahoe said he has already slashed as much as he can
Sep 29, 2012 2:15pm EDT
, withdrawing from iraq, running away from afghanistan on a date certain withdraw time lime that's encouraging the taliban. i didn't talk much about foreign affairs and threatening the benefit packages which is why the veterans signed up for and deserve it. i think they'll vote against him. finally, the jewish vote, i trust medved, trust them both, and they told me in the entire adult life they never saw the jewish-american vote so leans towards voting for republican in such strong numbers. there's one word "israel" written all over it. president obama is hose still to israel. left benjamin netanyahu in the basement, say call me if something changes, did not treat him like the best ally in the middle east and probably in the world and a democratic country at that with elected leaders in the tradition is strong and ought to be supported. mitt romney is a friend of israel, and that matters to any friend of israel, jewish or not jewish in the united states. >> thank you. >> there's agreement in the room that we need to reform large entitlement programs as you mentioned, but i think there's agreem
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Sep 29, 2012 3:00am PDT
. her name has been floated obviously as iraq says sore hillary clinton for secretary of state. could that throw a wrench into that process. >> john kerry hopes so. >> has the media been covering this adequately. >> let me say this, if this were george w. bush and this happened on his watch, how would the media have covered it. >> they would be calling for not just an investigation but far greater than that. >> would it have been covered far monday than it was. >> i don't know. these hypotheticals are hard toe. no that's certainly what critics say because it's the obama administration and so many members of the mainstream media are liberal. it's not getting the national and international attention it needs. have you been pointing out a lot of coverage in print media and a lot of coverage to the evening news. morning news where the majority of americans who still watch television get their news, it's the morning news shows that media research center shows that good morning america and "the today show" have been woefulfully inadequate in their coverage of this. >> here is the general me
Sep 29, 2012 9:00am PDT
've been focused in iraq, they've been focused in al qaeda in the arabian peninsula. but what's happening in mali and eastern libya, and the fact that perhaps the administration needs to refocus its energies on securing the victory that they want to claim victory for in libya, this is more -- all the more reason why perhaps this is a good time for the administration to re-examine what it has not done in libya. >> okay. ambassador mark ensberg, good to see you as always. thank you. >>> straight ahead suspicious republican voter registrations in florida. the fallout next here on "weekends with alex witt." with the spark cash card from capital one, sven's home security gets the most rewards of any small business credit card! how does this thing work? oh, i like it! [ garth ] sven's small business earns 2% cash back on every purchase, every day! woo-hoo!!! so that's ten security gators, right? put them on my spark card! why settle for less? testing hot tar... great businesses deserve the most rewards! [ male announcer ] the spark business card from capital one. choose unlimited rewards with 2
Search Results 0 to 47 of about 48 (some duplicates have been removed)